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Handcrafted intricately detailed Maranao tribe ceremonial drum, (used to call people to prayer). These now rare drums are carved and hollowed out from one piece of tree (probably Acacia) trunk and brightly painted with traditional and stylistic regional polychrome motifs. Drum is from the Maranao people of the Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte provinces of Mindanao island, southern Philippine Archepelago. The older versions of this drum became avaiable when hardcore Muslim missionaries from Afghanistan and Pakistan came to Mindanao to preach radicalism. The local Maranao people were told to throw out the older original style drums for being "non-Islamic" in design (i.e. not Middle Eastern; for the early ones are really more East Asian, similar to the large Buddhist drums seen in Japan). There can't have been too many originals in the first place, and by the 1990's they were doing reproductions which were fully carved and brightly colored. Even so, copies such as this one are not being made anymore for the wood is very dear and difficult to come by in this size.

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