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Welcome to Capiz Shell Collections:

Capiz shell, or window pane oyster used for decorative purposes, is the outer shell of the marine bivalve mollusk, Placuna placenta found especially in the shallow coastal waters of the Philippines and having a smooth translucent shiny interior. It has a luster similar to mother of pearl shells. It's primary use was within the architectural elements of the grids of wood latticed windows in traditional ancestral Filipino house now adding contemporary elegance to the interior and garden spaces in lantern, lamps, panels, furniture and accessory inlays, etc.

Other kind of shells added to this collection used for decorative accessories as lamps, vases, tabletops, panels and room dividers. Jewelry and tabletop accessories. Direct Manufacturer and Importer of Home Furnishing & Accessories made Capiz Shells and other shell products. Container or volume orders welcome.

 2013-new-capiz-shell-globe.jpg      capiz-shell-pendants-lotus-collection.jpg  capiz-shell-pendant-n-tabletop-diamon-cluster.jpg   capiz-shell-drum-shape-pendants.jpg

capiz-shell-rainfall.jpg    capiz-shell-pendant-hexagon-and-mushroom.jpg  capiz-shell-teardrop-n-egg-pendant.jpg   capiz-shell-chandelier.jpg